By Ridgeback13


It’s been a surprisingly good day. No meetings so I had a good chance to catch up and do some thinking and planning. Even managed (almost unheard of!) to empty my inbox at one point before it was time to open the Friday night lager and crisps!
Started well when I heard from T that he and P had had success speaking to someone at the Australian bank to give P online access to his account again, after 3 months of having been locked out of it and getting nowhere with their complaints department. So relieved...and good to see him chatting away so delighted (extra), planning his next dentist and optician’s appointment.
Then I called a Covid hotline that a couple of people have been talking about and was told I’ve got my first vaccination next Thursday! No sign of the blue envelope but at least I’ve got the date. V phoned when I told her and she found the same...her appointment’s next Tuesday although she’s not had the letter either. Clearly a problem with the notifications, and perhaps that’s why the centres are too quiet! Anyway, sorted now and it feels like such a huge step forward towards getting out and seeing people.
Dashed out to post a card to H and managed not to get caught in the showers which arrived on and off all day, then some beautiful flowers arrived from T&Kt (extra) as an early Mother’s Day present.
Managed to crack an email to follow up from Wednesday’s tricky meetings and after I’d sent it and got a positive response I realised how much it had been weighing on my mind in the background since then.
Nipped out again but this time got soaked so didn’t bother with the walk I’d planned after picking up a couple of things from the Refillery shop.
Had a lovely chat to K as I made a fish pie for supper and we talked about Venice plans, our trip to Vienna (unbelievably we arrived there 22 years ago today!), and of usual Covid life..she has to do a home test twice a week as she works in a school.
Whilst my pie was baking I called Mt and had a lovely chat to him and AR. Here, she was explaining to me the recipe for homemade lemonade that she’d just brought for Daddy. As she said, “who’d have thought that a little girl would know the recipe and be able to make it all by herself?”...so cute. Then she showed me the dance she does in the shower to make Mummy laugh (extra)...giggling all the time.
Later a long catch up chat with R and things looking much more likely that it will work out house wise. Very jolly chat about Mull, narcissism, Vienna’s parks, work and therapy sessions.

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