By Beckett


.... Fairywren out having fun!

Pleased to be back and involved with Mono Monday again. Thanks to ISBI for arranging to have our Blackheath Photo group helping with this amazing "day" on Blip.

As mentioned yesterday this is the week for helping out, and of course I chose the theme of "Birds and or Fauna" or whatever takes your fancy, just in Mono.

Will attempt to keep on top of things and hand out favs on Thursday and or Friday (maybe both.... he he).

To get the fun going found one of my favourite birds the little Superb Fairywren and out having a feed on the weeds!
Whilst out, also spotted a Brown Goshawk fly into some Black Wattles (in extra) and gave it a bit of texture as well. Look in large at how the bright yellow eyes shine out! 

Have fun in the Challenge - remember, can be a Bird or fauna in mono, in any form..... true life; painting; statue; etc etc.... just a Bird in mono!  

Need some more inspiration... just have a go..... 

Enjoy and have a look in LARGE

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