Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

Starting to be friends

Bit of a lazy morning to start with. Kilda has figured out how to open the baby gate on the stairs, as it doesn’t shut correctly, all we could hear was the pair of them running around. When I went up to investigate they we both on the window seat and chair looking idyllic. We went down to see RD and FM in their garden with the new decking for brunch and a catch up now we are allowed. The dogs had a great time running around and Darwin started to get to know them and even went over by the end for some fuss. J went to meet up with a friend for a swim at Dalmeny while JD came over to watch the Scotland game in the garden with me. It was a good game but Ireland were the better team and did deserve to win. Shame as Scotland were playing well at some points. Quiet night in with a zoom call with holiday mum and dad to end the night.

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