Found and Lost

By Paused


We posted our complaint by hand last Tuesday evening and waited for the estate agents to follow their procedure and acknowledge receipt in 3 days. We waited until Sunday then sent a reminder with photographs of us posting it.  They decided to acknowledge receipt today. I bet they wouldn’t have if we had not thought to take proof of postage photos! 

A busy day at work I knew it would be full so first thing this morning I made a Italian style vegetable soup for the slow cooker, complete with some leftover Parmesan rind.  It’s been bubbling away all day and smells great.  I just wizzed up half of it and added it back in with some black kale. Will give it another 30 mins and serve with some rye seeded sourdough, optional Parmesan and olive oil garnish.  All I need now is a trendy hipster pop-up cafe. 

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