Forth time lucky

My first port of call this morning was the allotment. My friendly robin normally not far away, I took some crumbs & sunflower hearts to woo it out of the hedgerow, which it did but I was'nt happy with the shots. I wandered down through the cemetery thinking there might be a possible blip opportunity. Nope! I walked up to town picked up the newspaper, came back via the churchyard .. Nuffink! Back home, first load of laundry on the line, hubby still in bed. I decided to pay Stover Country park a visit, not many birds, too many screeching children. I nipped out to Trago Mills to pick up some seed compost hoping the peacocks would be hanging around the compost area. Nope! I bought some Kinderplant hanging basket plants. I saw someone had planted a hot coloured Bidens  as ground cover in their borders, an idea I like so I'm hoping I can increase my plants from cuttings once these have made a bit of growth. 89pence I thought was a good price. I'm not normally this organised, buying them on impulse as they were there. Now on plan D, I  exited the business through the atrium to be met by a most peculiar noise coming from a tree overlooking the pond. A male peacock exercising it's vocal chords. Turned the corner and there chilling were 4 male peacocks. There's lots of clutter around, not easy to get a great image, so this one will have to do. I've cropped out some of the surroundings. Will probably go back again when I have more time.

Judge Tinder, Midsomer Murders, Poirot, Doc Martin .... ARGHHHH!!!

Got a few dates in the diary for this week, it's so good to be away from the house. Allotment tomorrow morning to do some bed prep, then breakfast en plein air. A catch up with a friend.

Thanks to Beckett for hosting  Mono Monday this week - the subject 'Birds in Mono'.

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