By Ridgeback13

Garden squad

A quiet day with interviews all day so I didn’t get out at all. It had started bright and sunny but by the time I could have gone for a walk it was grey and looked pretty chilly out there. Did a YouTube exercise session instead which I quite enjoy.
Chatted to T (and Heston!) later about the garden/fencing work he’s been doing recently and also looked at all his seedlings on windowsills around the house, and the new turf he’s put down in his own garden which is already looking good even before he gets all his hanging baskets filled.
Had leftovers for dinner having laughed with T about the fact that I still tend to cook for 6 and just freeze the extra or have leftovers for several days in a row rather than doing smaller versions of a greater variety of things. He and Kt have been experimenting with getting boxes delivered of ingredients for meal kits so you don’t end up with loads of part used ingredients in the cupboards. Maybe a good idea but just doesn’t fit my ingrained approach to cooking.
A talked all the way from work to home about how irritating she finds her manager and how much she’s looking forward to changing jobs. I tried to defuse her so she doesn't make a rash decision.
Watched some cookery programmes ...the chat about menus earlier must have primed me!

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