A host...

...of golden daffodils. At this time of year, with each supermarket shop I buy one of those little pots containing tête-à-tête dwarf daffodil bulbs. They look cheerful on the kitchen windowsill, and when they've finished flowering they're planted out in to one of the containers in the 'yard. These, from a couple of years ago, were enjoying some sun this morning.

Not surprisingly, rather stiff today after yesterday's little jaunt, but eased up a little during the day. Quite a productive day it was too! Among other things two loads of washing done, big pan of soup made, and supermarket order completed.

Good to catch up with Jacqui this afternoon. She let Fletch in through our gate while she nipped to the post office - not a good idea to leave him tied up outside at present given the recent spate of local dog thefts. He holds no truck with social distancing, and immediately dashed upstairs to snuggle on the sofa next to MrM, while Jacqui and I braved the cold for a brief chat when she got back.

Somehow managed to miss a call from Tom yesterday, so it was good to chat with him on the phone this evening.

Lockdown 3, day 70

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