Kath Gordon

By KathGordon

Ladybird love-in

We had a gentle reintroduction to childcare duties. Up at 5 45 a.m. and the old routine kicked in very quickly. We were so well organised that we made really good time and got to their house early. The children were up, breakfasted and dressed so we had time to play after the parents left for school. Louie was in nursery at 8 30 and Maddie was in school at 8 40. It was lovely catching up with everyone at the school gate - distanced of course. That was our first day completed. S is on a phased return to school after suffering the after effects of Covid for 3 months. She is doing mornings for a few weeks so she was able to pick the children up after nursery and school. 
The rainy morning turned into a sunny day and it was pleasantly warm in spots sheltered from the wind. We went on our lockdown walk and discovered lots of ladybirds pairing up and doing what ladybirds do in Spring. 

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