a lifetime burning

By Sheol


Tiny Tuesday: Unfurling

A shot of a ladybird opening its carapace and unfurling its wings immediately prior to taking off and flying away from the Blip paparazzi.

In case you are missing the traditional bee shot, there's one as an extra, and yes, it does look as though it is sitting on a Brussel sprout, although it is in fact a hellebore  ;-)

It was mild here today, so mild that I sat outside this morning to do my guitar practice.  This afternoon I walked over the fields to the Newton Park Campus of Bath Spa university which now has its students back.  It was warm enough for me not to need a jacket - shirtsleeves in Mid March - but only if you kept moving.  With a largely sunny sky it felt that I was given a little glimpse of what late Spring and early Summer could be - and how heavenly that was.  When I eventually returned home tired and ready for a long cold drink of water, I still had a smile on my face.

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