By Ingleman

This Walkway

Volunteering is fun. I like it. It is often hard backbreaking work. Often cold, wet and uncomfortable, but it has it's compensations. I am lucky in the respect that I chose a place to work where I knew I would be comfortable and free. I work hard but I relax as well. I am able to walk down hidden ways, view planting and borders, enjoy the wild birds and insects. I take far too many photographs and I breath fresh air. After over 40 years in a formal business environment, I feel I have died and gone to heaven. If any body is thinking of volunteering in their spare time I would say do it. But make sure you get something out of it as well. It's a two way street.

I am still very grateful for stars and comments, and sorry for late responses. Seems I have less time now than when I worked for a living! 

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