By Ridgeback13

Sarah’s tree

Beautiful warm (15 degrees!) day and I managed a walk at lunchtime, doing a loop around and a zig zag across the Meadows and links. It was so lovely to feel too warm in my coat and boots...might it be time to pack away the padded coats? (Probably not....as soon as I do it will snow again!)
Saw this tree that’s been decked with flowers and ribbons as a tribute to Sarah Everard and the connected vigils and protests about male violence...perhaps the groundswell of outrage will start to build and get some change at last in government and police action, education and attitudes? We’ll see...
Fairly straightforward day other than a flare up around the recent case review, and I managed to get to some of the things lower down my to do list as well, although very aware of bigger issues coming up this week that I need to prepare for.
Leftovers again, then AR called to read me her book, although she got sidetracked by Higgs and ended up wrestling and giggling with him but that was as lovely to be part of, if only from a distance. The announcements today of the dates for future easing of restrictions was partly positive (any movement’s welcome!) but the thought that it’s at least another 6 weeks before I can go south to be with them all properly again was a blow. My week off at Easter is going to be spent yet again walking the local parks and feeling trapped.

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