Waxing crescent

I intended to get a photo when we went to Corner Tavern for food, but it was closed, and I was driving, so that was that. I made bucatini, watched "National Lampoon's Vacation" and stayed in.

After nightfall, I walked to the river and took a few photos. I liked the reflections but then noticed the moon, so that ended up being the day's photo.

The haze in the lights is from a smoking truck that had just passed. It's hilly here and the speed limit drops pretty dramatically for trucks (65 mph to 40 mph in about 4 miles; 104 kmh to 64 kmh in 6 km - all downhill). A lot of them end up with smoking brakes. Sometimes there are even fires.

It's cold. It was around 40F (4C) when I snapped this. That spring weather last week was a tease.

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