For the optional theme of 'repetition' this Abstract Thursday. It's a stack of transparent party plates with curvy sides. Please don't forget to tag your entries with AT299 so I can find them over the weekend.

We did our grandparents duties watching over Jack while his parents tried to tackle the last hurdle to get Fumiko  registered within their council. Whomever may think that there is anything easy in The Netherlands regarding foreigners and residency has it so wrong. The council civil servant refused to register her because the letter from the IND saying her request for a residential visa in The Netherlands is being handled and she can be registered  as resident meanwhile is older than three months and somewhere in that letter it says the letter is valid for three months (as the request should have been handled and decided upon within 3 months, but obviously it hasn't !). As long as she is not registered as a resident she can't get a regular GP etc. So very, very tired of red tape. We'll need to contact the immigration lawyer again, I guess.

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's elections candidates list. The end results are not totally counted yet, and I'm always appalled by the amount of people who vote for populist and xenophobic parties but it looks like the populists parties at least don't have a majority together fortunately. And it looks like a similar coalition like the one from the last  years is a good possibility.

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