Maidstone Rocks

Folk paint rocks (or pebbles) and hide them around Maidstone - I spotted this on the wall when I went to my car. And then I went for a drive! I felt giddy at the thought of leaving the house and being somewhere else even if it wasn't somewhere which might otherwise appear to be mundane - who ever thought that going to B&Q would be such a thrill? I really pushed the boat out by going and getting some diesel so I also went to Morrisons. I put thirty quid's worth in; that'll see me to the end of the year at this rate. There was also some sourdough action. I've still not been food shopping - I really don't need anything and I'm saving a trip to a supermarket as a real treat.

I was just about to post this when I remembered blipping someone painting pebbles - it was in 2013 - and his wife popped up in the comments! It's taken a while to go back and find it but I'm glad that I did, so many memories as I scrolled through screens of images.

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