By CleanSteve

Wycliffe school scullers at Saul Junction

On my way home from picking up some food supplies in and around Gloucester I diverted through Saul village to Saul Junction. It is where the Gloucester to Sharpness canal crossed the earlier Stroudwater Navigation, which originally joined the  River Severn at Framilode, about a mile west of here. Hopefully the Stroudwater section will be reopened within a couple of years and Saul Junction will take on its old role.

I hadn't been here for a long time and stood on the west side of the junction just watching. Swans flew overhead down the canal and then swam back. The ducks skittled about. Some workmen finished their day repairing a narrowboat in the yard opposite.

I'd noticed a bunch of young lads packing their boat away in the Wycliffe School Rowing boathouse and being driven back to Stroud in a minibus. I then saw a few scullers approaching from the south and pointed my camera towards the sun. These four were followed by a single woman sculler and then a mixed pair. Within minutes they were ashore and their boats were on the way into the boathouse too.

I really enjoyed being there at the end of a day and I'll come back and spend a little more time just watching.

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