The multi-talented Ottawacker Junior

Ottawacker Jr. has been hitting the high notes in his art classes of late. I come from a long line of exceptionally good artists. The gene, however, missed me completely. I am what JK Rowling would call a "squib". I can't draw a straight line with a ruler.

Seemingly though, Ottawacker Jr. has inherited the gene. Having been told to draw a bunch of flowers for an art assignment (Grade 2), he sat down, scratched his head, and started cutting out shapes in the forms of petals, a big circle for the (God, what is it? the stamen?), and coloured them all in individually before gluing them to a piece of card, painted blue, that was lying around in a folder marked "NOVEL DRAFT 2 - DO NOT TOUCH".

The painting is much better than the novel.

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