By Ingleman

Potential For Upgrade

Had a great day walking today doing a circuit of hills on the borders of the urban conurbation where I live. Penn Common, Sedgley Beacon, Baggeridge Country Park and Orton Hill at Wombourne. I enjoyed the history, the churches, the wide ranging views and large tracts of relatively unspoilt countryside. Lots of architecture, new and old. These ancient and ruinous cottages are in the Baggeridge countryside and were a wonderful reminder of bygone days. Probably workers cottages for the estate, they have some fascinating stories to tell. The gable end shown reveals fireplaces upstairs and downstairs. I stood at the fireplace at ground level, and at six foot high my head was level with the joist holes for the upstairs floor. Either those ancient occupants were very small or they lived with a permanent stoop. It was poignant and fascinating to explore and I felt a connection to the past. Would have been cosy to have an open fire in the bedroom on a cold wintry night, and in case of fire you would have had an extinguisher under the bed. Good day all round but golly my feet do ache. Time for some medicine.
Hope you all have a great Friday and a safe and peaceful weekend. 

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