After a comfortable night sleeping on Graham's balcony, this morning we took this new resident, (see yesterday), now named Esra, to the local vet for check up and parasite control.  So quiet, well behaved and cuddled up next to Kat as we drove home, she is already so loving and affectionate.  I'm told that this afternoon she is sitting on the balcony, on her doggy blanket, with her new chew bone.  My afternoon, on the other hand, was spent back to back on line tutoring.  A quiet evening ahead, of Netflix and not much else.

Must mention: Absolutely no side effects after yesterday's second Covid 19 vaccination, yay! Weather is too cold for comfort again.  Come on Spring, don't back out now....

Later.... oh, I had no idea it was my 3000 blipversary today!  Well, new beginnings with Esra is a nice way to celebrate 8+ years of daily Blips I guess . Thank you, so much, to everyone for your kindnesses past, present and future. It's much appreciated. The Blip community has played a significant role in my life, especially during the last twelve months.  I wish you all peace, health and happiness. 

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