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choice of 4 photographs in the collage and the reason is;
I've had this Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ40 camera for nearly 3 years. One of the big bugbears I have with it is the slowness of the shutter operating when I press the shutter release button. I know to half press it, that sets up the automatic functions such as focus, then finish the press, but it often takes up to 2 seconds to operate the shutter. I've pretty much always used the IA (Intelligent Auto Mode).
I've looked at the settings but couldn't figure out what do do with it all so finally, today, I downloaded the detailed user guide rather than the quick guide that comes with it, thanks to a very helpful chap called Joseph on the Panasonic website chat. Although the quick guide tells you what all the buttons, switches and knobs are for it doesn't tell you how to set them for different functions or what they mean.
The newly downloaded document tells me everything I need to know but was too afraid to ask, for three years anyway.
The other thing it taught me was to use the 'P' setting, which is 'Personal', I had tried the 'M' for Manual but didn't seem to make much difference so I set up each individual setting in 'P' the result is the bottom two photographs.
Top left Gull is before the changes, not a bad photo but I'd pressed the shutter when it was standing, by the time it operated it was scratching it's face.
The one with the blinds was after making a couple of changes and the bottom two were using the 'P' with a few changes. Not sure I can remember what I did but it certainly seems to operate the shutter quicker! The pigeon is on the house opposite to us so about 100 metres away, used the zoom of course.

Andy why the TV Screen of 'The Worlds Greatest Motorcycle Rides'? It's a Henry Cole series of programmes, he lives not too far away in the Cotswolds, and it was he that made my mind up to do Route66. He covered it in a couple of programmes, end to end, and I think he would convince anyone to do it.

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