Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

Window Seat

Worked from home today and wondered how Darwin arrived upstairs. Kilda figured out that the stair gate wasn’t shutting problem and found a way of opening it, which was OK. Now her brother has copied her and can open the gate. Looks like I’m going to have to figure out another way to secure it. I did find the pair of them sharing the window seat, which I didn’t think Kilda would allow. We did reorganise the lounge so they had one each but that doesn’t seem to be acceptable to Darwin. Some more lead walking for Darwin today and he seems to be OK providing his sister isn’t with him, as that’s too exciting. Another zoom puppy class that didn’t start well as Darwin needed to go out for toilet at the start so he was distracted till that was sorted. He did OK in the end.

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