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Bucket List

Wasn't sure what to do today with kids at school so thought I'd tick off an item from my fictious "bucket list".

Took a load of photos and it's been a struggle to choose a photo for this entry.  In the end, I didn't choose an obvious choice but one that came up unimprovised.

Whilst I was on the Forth Road Bridge taking photos of the Forth (Railway) Bridge, two girls walked past me and one shouted "do you want a photo of me?". 

I joked "yeah, sure" and she quickly posed.  Actually the photo came out better than I expected.  I wished I had given her my details so she could have received a copy of this photo as she might have liked it.  Sadly, hindsight is a great thing.

Whoever you are, thank you for that and I am happy to send you this photo on the off-chance you are reading this.

Was a great day, weather-wise, and I'm really pleased I got myself out of the house and visited around North Queensferry for some good photos in the local area.  I did a comparison with some photos from my DSLR and some with my Samsung Galaxy S21 (which is excellent for photos).

If anyone is interested, here are the DSLR photos from today: North Queensferry - J19.

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