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Beauty and the beast

Was this the last of the glorious days for now? I realise only now that I'd fallen asleep like an old lady when the weather forecast was on after the news - perhaps I was worn out by the bursts of rage that the ongoing premature coverage of the findings of the Scottish Parliamentary Committee of Enquiry bring on. That woman Davidson talking about integrity? 

Enough. Concentrate on the beauty, not the beasts.

For it was indeed a glorious day. It began early - in fact I'd forgotten that I was out just after 8am collecting the messages, which may be why I'm so sleepy. And I had an online PreachMeet mid-morning, ostensibly to assist the other lay preacher (there are two of us, as well as two Lay Readers who have passed exams and stuff, and a retired priest as well as our current incumbent - we're terribly well off) prepare her sermon for Palm Sunday. However, we ended up planning the whole service, as our Rector hasn't actually done one in church here because of last year's lockdown. Palm Sunday marks our first time in the building again since Christmas. 

That over, Himself and I high-tailed it back to the church to make another recording of one of the pieces we did the other day: we'd put the microphone in the wrong place, we reckon, and sounded as if we were singing from the bottom of a deep well. It was 10.8C in church today; it still felt deeply chilly. 

We spent the afternoon on Loch Striven-side again - this time beginning our walk where we've ended our winter walks, and heading on to the end of the road. I love this bit of the loch; it's very different from the first section of road because the road doesn't hug the loch-side. We don't go there in the winter because the sun doesn't shine on the road for very long before the hills get in the way. The view - I'm sure I've posted it before - is of the Clan Lamont centre and the intervening fields, still covered in last year's dead bracken. There were primroses peeping out among the dead foliage, a buzzard swooped overhead, and the sense of blueness from loch and sky was overpowering. We walked about five miles and I took far too many photographs.

A last question: I don't know if any blippers out there watch soaps regularly, but if you do: do you find your favourite soaps very dark and/or rather far-fetched these days? Is it a sign of post-Covid filming?

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