By isbi


This picturesque waterfall (which is usually dry) is in on a bend in the road on the way down to the valley. 
It is a difficult place to stop although I have in the past. Today I got Mr isbi to pause while I took this shot out the window using the Oly Mk 111's built in ND filter for a LE. He is usually very patient with me but doesn't like stopping where he thinks someone will run into the back of us.

The extra shows the creek crossing to our farm. It had been up to the 1 metre mark earlier but I missed that. Last year it hit the 2m mark but I didn't see that either unfortunately
Yesterday we could cross but not today, so you can imagine what the creek in yesterday's blip must look like. Open house for the property sale was cancelled!

I spent the day doing a Mental Health First Aid Course put on for valley residents. It was very interesting. Second half next Saturday.

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