It's over a week since I bought these tulips at the farm shop - really pleased with how well they have lasted.  I will need to wait several more days before I can take the "drooping/dying tulip" photo that seems to be a feature on blip.

After the sun yesterday, it's been another cold, dull day.  We were woken early by a power cut.  When our power comes back on after being off, the door bell rings and the wireless phone "beeps".  Before 7 this morning, I was rudely awoken by "ding dong, beep beep" as the power flicked off and then on again within seconds.  The power promptly went off again, and then came on again "ding dong, ding dong, beep beep" and then went off again, and stayed off.  By now I was properly awake.  W had been awake and reading already at that time.  But whilst we could make hot water on the gas stove, we couldn't grind the beans for my morning cafetiere.  Fortunately, the power only stayed off for about 20 minutes.  

Since then, we have done some exercise, then we completed the 2021 census.  After that W made biscuits, and a coleslaw, before settling to watch some rugby.  I took apart a macramé - I had redone one of the wall hangings I made for the girls; I'm much happier with the second attempt, so have taken the original one apart and will use the threads for practising future projects.  The pile of stuff to go to Sweden is growing - I hope we get a chance to drive over there this summer.

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