By Bella888

Lost :( and FOUND :)

Went to sleep feeling so down. Having just got to know Tom (did I say Tony yesterday - I’m rubbish at names!!!), the thought he was injured or worse, was unbearable.

‘N’ hadn’t called, so had to think the worst. Waking up this morning, that was the first thing on my mind. Checked my messages, no news. Checked the goats’ Facebook page, someone else commented they hadn’t seen Tom.

Rang ‘N’ - wonderful news. She said this morning Tom was back with the big boys, ‘holding his own’ and happy. We saw him later, and unusually his dad and the other bullies were resting and Tom had Mr B’s feast all to himself.

Getting distracted as I write, watching Channel 5 on Grace Kelly’s life. So shall sign off ...

NB Seem to have had a good ‘heart’ week. Thanks so much. Sorry if I haven’t looked in as often as I would like.

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