Flower Spirit

By flowerspirit


Happy easter all bunnies. This is ash blossom, an unexpectedly beautiful thing to find on an Easter walk. I haven't prescribed ash flower essence but my good friend Nikki Wyatt who works with flower and gem essences uses it with her clients. She gave me this description and it seems perfect for credit crunch worries. If you can't get your paws on ash flower essence, find a tree and ask to connect with its essence anyway.

Ash flower essence brings strength, flexibility and security. Harmony with your surroundings. Feeling in tune. Ash is the traditional Yule log that was burned for good fortune during the coming new year, this essence is also for prosperity and protection. This may be a very helpful essence for times when your money energy feels threatened by loss of job or other sources of income as well as for those who have a tendency to "fritter" their money away. Helps to bring debt and spending practices under control.

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