Catching the sun

The Vernal Equinox, and the first really Spring-like day of the year, far too nice to stay indoors. So MrM and I spent the afternoon walking on the footpaths on the Glendale floodplain. A varied circular walk through some lovely countryside, with good views of the hills (extra). So nice to be out with no need for a coat, hat or gloves!

Lots of wildlife - all sorts of birds, including two small flocks of swans [Mute swans happily nibbling brassicas in a field, until they spotted us and flew off (extra), and Whoopers in a flooded patch of another field], several groups of deer, lots of hares, and rabbits galore. So many potential Blips, mostly landscapes, but somehow the sun catching the branches and reeds (I think they're common reeds, but could well be wrong) seems to capture the mood of the day. 

Lockdown 3, day 75

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