Life of a bubble maker

By redditchrascal

Cani Sport Running

An early start today and didn’t feel to bad after my jab yesterday. With the restrictions being eased we can meet again for Cani Sport runs. The club organised two runs, one at Dalkeith and the other for Kilda and I at Holyrood. It was nice to catch up with people and have a run around Hunters bog and then the field behind Holyrood Palace. Started to feel the effects of the jab after about 2K, the rest of the run has hard work. Dropped J off at hoola hooping and came back to get changed. Collected J and headed to Wardie bay so she could get a swim with some of the others. Finally got back home at about 1.45 in time for some lunch before the rugby started. JD and myself got the times wrong, thinking the Scotland game started at 3pm instead of 2.15 we missed the start of the game. Managed to start to tape the game for JD just before the first Scotland try. Good game for Scotland. We then watched the disappointing England game, who got what they deserved. JD headed home so we could have dinner and a quiet night. Felt crap for the rest of the day once we got home.

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