I dropped Mr P off at the south end of Whitbarrow so he could run home.  He's checking out the route for a LDWA ( Long Distance Walkers Association) challenge. The event is normally held in January each year but because of Covid they've set up an "Anytime" Challenge, route of 21 miles, do it when you like between 1 January and 30 Sept, but all in one go, obviously!  The fastest time so far is 4 hours, so Mr P is in training and does not want to make any route errors. 
Not wanting to run with Mr P, I parked up and meandered round a 8km circuit over the top of the ridge on paths I've not been on before. Found a row of 4 cairns on the summit of one hill. ( This is three of them). I  was not tempted to add a stone, I can't see why people have to do this. Its not even the highest point.

The Virtual Walk. 8km has taken me through the village of Drumburgh, formerly the site of a roman fort on the wall and now the site of a medieval peel  castle built out of the wall, which is a private residence so you can't go inside.  I ended up in Glasson which is actually on the "Vallum" rather than the wall. The Vallum is a ditch that was built south of the wall by varying amounts, sometimes its right next to the wall , sometimes its fields away. Glasson has a pub, The Highland Laddie Inn which apparently serves excellent sea food meals.  I enjoyed a virtual fish platter but couldn't find out who is the Highland Laddie. 

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