Three's a party !

This morning there was not one, not two, but there were three squirrels feasting on the goodies in the garden. Unfortunately they moved around a lot and my longest lens was not really doing them justice so I've edited them into a comic strip drawing. Were they maybe celebrating Abstract Thursday's upcoming 300th challenge ?

Yes, this coming Thursday it's the 300th Abstract Thursday challenge (in the hope Robert (youoregon1) and I didn't mix up the numbers somewhere. I propose an optional theme of 'abstract party'  for this milestone and obviously the tag will be AT300.

Thanks so much for all the entries last Thursday, repetitive and otherwise abstract :-) Here's the list of 5 special entries:

johnparke             architectural repetition (with a sad background story)
Kimb                     '9 versions of a goldfinch' collage
tweedy                  a 'natural' repetitive abstract
AmandaT2013     colourful ICM repetition
JoyInTheDetail     very fancy water hose repetition

Thanks very much for all the entries and thank you for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's twin magnolia buds :-)

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