Another windy one!

So turbulent and gusty that Annika cancelled the picnic by the sea till a calmer day - despite the glorious sunshine filling the world with light and hope. Understable when her 85 year old Mum and her 5 year old grandchild were supposed to huddle on the shore to celebrate. The wind was rattling the house like mad, and the metal plate roof was pinking and banging in the "breeze".  It woke me up several times, but I slept well anyhow. We saw the last two episodes of The Great, with plenty to amuse and charm, but also plenty to disturb anyone's sleep.

We got ourselves well togged up and went to the little harbour at Lotsstugan, where we saw those amazing ice-waves a while ago. Didn't manage to get anyone out there with us, some are scared of high winds, whereas I find it all very invigorating. Obviously, this is up to a point. I was almost blown off balance a couple of times, those gusts were exciting. And of course, it was cold and we met just one little family out in the elements.

The ice was reduced by two thirds I'd say, the waves were coming in at a different angle and were not as spectacular as before. But it was interesting to see how the winter is retreating, there was a lot less ice on the path, more ground was exposed and the trees even have buds coming. We sat in the lee of a cabin on a rickety bench in the sunshine, and drank our coffee. What a fabulous place for a picnic without food!

We popped into Lidl for some bananas and milk, apple purée and loo roll. We came out with £50 worth of groceries including special flour for Keith's baking, pens for me, Medjool dates, etc etc. I suppose since we hardly go shopping that when we do we discover what's been missing at home! 

Pens for me, you may wonder if I don't perhaps have loads of pens. And you are right to wonder if I need more, because surely I have many... but not an 0.5 GREY ink fine-liner! I have been thinking of ordering some to try with my black fine-liners, but now I can try this one out first. (the pack included a black one and 4 other colours too, they just came along for the ride!) I have never bought any art supplies from Lidl and been disappointed, they seem to have reasonable quality. I almost fell for a set of canvases to paint on, at about £9 for no less than five they were a very good deal. I resisted as I very rarely paint with acrylic, and very rarely on canvas. Well done Jan!

The tulips we were given on the 6th of March provided my subject for drawing today. That makes 4 or maybe 5 drawings from one big bunch of flowers! They haven't dropped completely yet so tomorrow might see me doing another one. I love the way they fold in and furl their petals, and the way the colours intensify as they shrink in on themselves.

Deaths of Flowers 

I would if I could choose 
Age and die outwards as a tulip does; 
Not as this iris drawing in, in-coiling 
Its complex strange taut inflorescence, willing 
Itself a bud again - though all achieved is 
No more than a clenched sadness, 

The tears of gum not flowing. 
I would choose the tulip's reckless way of going; 
Whose petals answer light, altering by fractions 
From closed to wide, from one through many perfections, 
Till wrecked, flamboyant, strayed beyond recall, 
Like flakes of fire they piecemeal fall. 

Edith J Scovell

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