Beside the river

A mainly grey cold day and we all went for a short walk along the river this morning.  So many signs of spring around us.  There were many rooks sitting on nests at the tops of a cluster of very tall trees, catkins were coming out in profusion and the green leaves of the willow trees uncurling.  We spotted several birds including a cormorant swimming in the river, a heron fishing in a small stream, great tits, robins and chaffinches.

The census form was filled out, we were a little surprised at some of the leading questions.  Then it was back home and sorting out a short presentation I volunteered to give next week.  A friend mentioned whether I had heard a bang yesterday and I did recall hearing one and thought it was probably pheasant shooting but apparently a meteor fell to earth which was visible in the sky and producing a sonic boom.  We now need to look out for the fragments.

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