horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Blue Tits Can't Jump

But they can hop quite well... Maybe he has a fear of heights and the first perch was just a little too high to sit and eat his seed at...

Day two spent in the garden in the nice weather. More little bits and bobs done, though less for the garden (yesterday was fence building and grass cutting) and more enjoying the sun and a wee bit of bike maintenance - nothing necessary, but means there's less chance of anything going wrong in the future (re-greased headset and sorting out the rear mudguard/rack and some new bottle cage bolts - exciting stuff I'm sure you think...).

Mel's dad popped down for a visit as well and picked up his bike which, together with some tidying yesterday, means I've suddenly got bags of space in the garage (and I'll have more next week after hiring a van to get rid of loads of stuff).

Anyway, all domestic bliss and very relaxing - pity it's back into the office tomorrow, and just a general feeling that the boss is building up to a big blow-out (it's like predicting natural disasters, imprecise, but gut instincts are often right).

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