Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Essential Take Out

Im working on my 4th Seattle Covid book (winter) and thought I’d add some of the images that were in the first one a year ago (almost)  One thing that kept us going was this bakery with great bread, baked goods, (extra) pies, sandwiches etc .  It’s a good distance for a neighborhood walk and my phone can practically just repeat my order on its own.   I really don’t want more than a year’s worth of this book series…no matter how it lingers….one can see the flora and fauna  in the neighborhood at a glance season by season, and some of the local businesses, open or closed.      The other three are fun to flip through.  I liked the primary colors and H picking up our online order.   (there is also another window that you can order onsite and wait)   thank you, Grand Central Bakery!  This used to be my go to coffee shop to meet friends….it will be so again….

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