Spectator Sports

No visit for the invalid today as she’d decided she’d just like to put her head under a pillow all day. So obviously a day to set about that outboard. No spark plug socket so there was a trip to Halfords and back via Twelve Triangles for bread as I’ve got to look after myself. 
And then to work! Black Pete stood at a distance, optimistically saying things like, when was it last used (three years?) and,  good luck with that. 
Well, blow, me, did it not roar into life on the third pull. And turned over and idled very sweetly. And great assistance given by DD here - that’s the thing, arrive with an outboard and they will come.
At Holyrood, the circus is reaching a fever pitch. There are strange parallels with the old firm. It’s a goldfish bowl of minutiae and froth which never gives up. Glad to see Mr Sarwar keeping his distance and not wading into that cesspit. 
Later a film, Assassins, a remarkable film of the assassination (doh!) of Kim Jong-nam, the brother of Kim Jong-un by two women who believed they were taking part in a TV prank. A bit of a rubbish prank, mind. One take only.  

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