13°C today, and mostly sunny. Things are melting fast, this is the harbour in town, all a bit blah. It was interesting to go out in jeans and with a thin coat on, no hat or gloves... it's been a while. We collected our new glasses this afternoon and have been wearing them to try them out. Of course Keith's are like part of him and he's adapted straight away, and of course mine took a dozen adjustments and they are feeling right! We are as we are, and my family is fully equipped with princesses of both genders.

My day didn't begin in the time-honoured way with a gentle coffee and some meditative drawing, yoga and then a late breakfast. Instead it was an hour and a half of political/personal upset and need to talk - and another similar length of time was spent this evening doing something similar. In between there was a flurry of mails. Thankfully we have moved a little and time has been bought so to speak. 

We sat on the verandah to take in our breakfast in the sun with the view, and spent some time removing all the ice from the wooden deck. Very warm and very good to be outside. I started what is going to be a drawing from a photo (second time this year, very rare), of magnolias blooming in the Oxford trees. I took the photo 2 years ago when I spent time with my Danish and Icelandic friends who I've known for 40 years since Reading university. Here's a drawing a did of them at the time. They impressed me no end! So exotic, and they were all over the city centre, blooming everywhere.

We popped into the second hand shop (restricted numbers, well spaced out) and I actually bought some clothes! I usually don't even look as there is nothing I need and I'm more interested in cloth and wool and paper. Two items from White Stuff, which my Icelandic friend Hjördís had to tell me what it was 2 years ago, which have found their way to the far north. Almost 63° North in fact (62.724390), I looked it up yesterday, and 17.7 -East our tiny village is 82 metres above sea level. Nice to know! Have a look!

Amongst the finds today were two soap-stone discs, one huge, one about 10 cm across. Keith is baking flat bread on the big one as I write my blip, the kitchen smells wonderful! Day seven of the fasting means I will only taste a tiny corner! I've been full of beans today which is as it should be and now I am going to have a go at finishing my magnolias. I'll be back at the opticians tomorrow, the lines in my book are bending!!

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