By schorschi

Corona caused day

Back in July 2020 I was forced to buy an emergency car as the police caught me still driving my 2002 Jeep with MoT which had run out in November 2019! Only cost €25  but I was forced to sell it as no chance of getting an MoT. The "new" 1998 VW Polo cost €300 and only had 6 months MoT left. I wasn't worried as I had planned to have a new/used good car within weeks. Well now 7 months later, I haven't so need to get Polo MoT'd. Garage has done a quick look and reckons it should be possible for about €400-€500!

As the MoT includes exhaust gases check and it often stinks of petrol I thought a good blast up the autbahn to burn off the gubbins after months of few kilometer short 2-5km trips would do it good. The plan -20 km to Mindelheim and back on stretch with no speed limits. But last night I changed the plan and decided to go a bit further towards Munich, 50 km to Landsberg am Lech. I had something important t do there. In April I had left a watch there to be repaired and according to the repair ticket, if not collected within 3 months they could sell it! Some about time I acted and hoped it was still there.

So indeed, blasted up to Landsberg hitting 185 km/h downhill with a following wind! Just parked and was locking door as a young lady reversed her car, with a lod cracking, into my front end! Luckily couldn't find any damage but not a good omen! Walked to the shop through the pedestrian zone wearing the compulsory FFP2 mask. Lovely to see all the shops open and people going about their business in the "new normal". However, the closed or at least limited to Take-Away restaurants and cafes, was sad to see. It was a lovely day and people would have been sitting out.

Anyway, got to the shop, Wittmann next to the tower at the top of the large main square. Timidly asked about my watch and to my great delight it was there BUT unrepaired! After all this time! Scandalous! April .... to now and nothing done! Oh, did I mention I left it there in April 2002 just a month after i bought my new Jeep.19 years ago! No charge though and I sheepishly handed over a box of "Merci" chocolates as thanks for still having it. Legally they really can sell it after 10 years.
Will tell the story of the watch tomorrow.
Took the opportunity to do lots of sightseeing around the town with it's lovely buildings and shops. Wish the children and grandchildren could have been along and a few other people I know who enjoy shopping and sightseeing. Extra photos show some of the buildings and shops. One of the buildings is Landsberg Prison which I have to give a special Blip mention.

The prison has been a decades-long-running-gag with Nogbad. It's the place Hitler was locked away for in 1924 following his failed Beer Hall Putsch in Munich and where he wrote/dictated Mein Kampf. A few years ago the much loved head of Bayern Munich's football team, Uli Hoeness, was incarcerated here for tax fraud. But as Nogbad has a long history of prisons with his Open University work, Landsberg is also of interest as Johnny Cash was stationed here for 3 years and where he first saw the newly released 1951 film "Inside the Walls of Folsom Prison" and which then influenced his interest in prisoners care.

Didn't get arrested for taking a photo of the prison and got home safely and very happy about both the car and the watch.

I have posted a very long video on Facebook of the day.

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