Autumn Beauties

It was another lovely Autumn day with around 20c. Great to get sunshine too.

These are Colchicum autumnale, Autumn Crocus. Other names for Autumn Crocus are meadow saffron, naked ladies and naked boys. The herbaceous perennial of the meadows of Europe originated in Colchide on the eastern bank of the Black Sea. Autumn Crocus is a bulb growing to 0.2 m by 0.2 at a medium rate.  Species are hermaphrodite and is pollinated by bees and flies.

I had my hospital appointment about my numb finger in the afternoon. After just about a two hour wait, I was seen. After looking at all the test I had done they decided that there wasn't any thing too sinter happening that would cause the nerve problem. They want me to try a nerve medication to see if that would help. They don't want to operate and do more damage as they don't know what the cause is. 

Also I got a letter from the hospital for my other numbness problem in my lower part of my body. It isn't until April 23. So they couldn't found anything too serious.. hopefully.

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