I can hear you!

I have also backblipped Tuesday & Wednesday ...... hope you will have a look .... thanks to those who already have :-)

Another walk today ...... really loving this dry sunny weather! Bit windier today though but never mind!

As we reached the wasteland on the edge of the field we saw the Muntjac again .... it was in the undergrowth but we could see it's rump sticking out.

Stood very still & waited in the hope it might venture a bit further out ...... it did!

It didn't come right into the open but far enough for me to be able to get this :-)

Not the easiest photo to get as it was behind a wire fence & partly obscured by the long grass .... but I was well chuffed! Hope you like it :-)

We also saw the Buzzard again & the other birds were back accompanying our walk with their singing :-)

I'm going to miss all these walks when Hubby goes back to work next week! :-(

Stay safe everyone :-)

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