Storm in the Groove

First thing this morning (about eight o’clock) the sun was shining across the field emphasising just how deep the ‘tram lines’ (ie tractor/machinery grooves) are in the field.  This just had to be the making of a photo, so I took a number of shots ready for editing.
Last thing this afternoon Mrs W said “Just look at that storm”, which gave me another idea for today’s blip.
Well they both won out, and I’ve used the storm as the main blip (better in large), and the groove at ‘extra’.
I will admit to removing a car from the storm (can you see the join?).  The 'groove' shot I liked best was with two lorries on the A15, so I left them in.
Much of the day taken up with making the frame for the bedroom window fly screen.  I have had to order some ‘gunge remover’ to clean up the window where the ‘Velcro Stick On’ left most of it’s glue behind.  If I’m desperate it may appear in tomorrow’s blip.
Uploading late on this one - Saturday morning to be precise.  Let’s hope this is not a knock-on effect.

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