Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Indoor play day

Miserable weather, grey, damp, not sunny, then rain, and mist and darkness. I did put my nose outside and sorted some washing out in the cellar, smashed some icy snow about and so on. But I have been indoors all day. The usual morning things happened, starting just a bit earlier than usual - the clocks go forward tonight so tomorrow will see us waking up a bit later!

I made some lentil soup for tea, I was going to make a recipe from the Guardian but had no apricots. Keith took the bike down to the shops and now I have them. The next soup will be onion, apricots, lentils and curry spices. I finished the wrist warmers I began 2 days ago, and got stuck into the earring production. I made the basic earrings a while back but fitting the findings was left till "later". They have been occupying the table in the front room ever since. Now there are plenty of finished ones. Not sure what they are for to be honest, but I like to have a selection for guests to pick from. I have an idea about selling them to raise money for something worthy. I've done that before, and it worked quite well. Lets me be creative without swamping the homestead!

I lit the stove as I worked (under the ring light with a handy magnifying glass in the middle) and was glad I did because Keith came back from the bike ride with chilly extremities. It's just above freezing this evening so perhaps there will be a frosty night. Day 11 of the fast is in the bag, and it's going really nicely - although this has been a very, very quiet day, so perhaps a bit more bounce would have been useful? I can feel an early night coming on, there are books to be read and sleep to be had - after all it's an hour later than it is, so to speak!

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