By strawhouse


It's my mum's birthday today. A big one!
Obviously an outing to the garden centre on her seventieth birthday wouldn't have been top of her wishlist but Coronavirus rumbles on and the cruises, teas at the Ritz and champagne brunches are on hold for a bit longer. And the weather was so vile any plans to go for a walk were scuppered too.
I went for my first COVID test this morning before heading over  to my mum's. 
There’s a permanent rapid testing centre at the Sports Centre so I booked myself in and went along after dropping Miss L off at school.To say it's unpleasant would be an understatement!!!! 
 A huge diagram in the booth showed me where my tonsils are and there was a mirror to make sure I swabbed in the right place.
Nothing wrong with my gag reflex!!!
And whatever the reflex is that makes me sneeze and my eyes run when I shove a stick up my nose is also in perfect working order.
Half an hour later I got the all clear so it’s all good. I’d be unlucky to have tested positive as our postcode has had fewer than 3 cases for the last week or so.
I went through to mum's garden when I got there and had a sneaky glass of Bucks Fizz before we headed off to the garden centre. It was full of lovely things. And lots of people looking at all the lovely things. Hardly any of it essential.
I'll be buying some herbs in a few weeks (there's no point doing it too soon as I've learnt from bitter experience that anything bought too early just dies on the table in its little plastic pot!) and I always pot them up separately. I took this photo to remind me that they look nice all potted together.
I'm so middle aged!
And nothing says happy 70th birthday like a picture of herbs!!

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