Monday shadows.

It has been a beautiful afternoon. 
I've been in the  summer house working on a piece of French for our next group session. 
   I fell asleep half way through!
The occasional bumble bee flew in through the open door and buzzed around until finding the way back outside. 
Our family phoned last week and asked if they could come up on Saturday for a week, (first week of school holidays), for us to help out again. Our son will be "working from home" here.  
We've been putting everything  back in place and the next task is to sort out the beds once again in the loft bedroom, and assemble the cot in the little office bedroom. 
  This should be the last time for our Child Care Support bubble as we're all hoping that as the restrictions ease it will no longer be necessary. 
 As I was taking some washing off the line I noticed the shadows under the patio table. 
The patio circle is now pristine after it's pressure wash last weekend.
The guy who comes is trying to set up on his own, and did the drive and  back patio as well.
I took some photos to put on Facebook. 
Well, it's time for tea. 
Lovely to have these bright evenings. 
And a couple of days, (today and tomorrow) with more warmth in the sunshine. 
We're forecast 21C tomorrow, maybe a bit higher. Such are the vagaries of our British weather.
It's suppose to be the warmest March day on Tuesday since 2010! 
By the weekend it will have plummeted like a stone.
Extra of my cactus from a friend, on its 2nd  flowering just in time for Easter.  

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