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By HarlingDarling


Today wasn't at all what we were expecting, but the joy of the retirée is time flexibility. So when I was rung up to dash to the hospital in Sundsvall to utilise a slot someone had just cancelled, we moved fast and got there with a few minutes to spare. I was booked in for a telephone consultation in a couple of weeks but it was so much better to be seen in the flesh by a gynecologist, a skin specialist and a trainee doctor. The room was packed with expertise, everyone was masked - in fact almost everyone I saw there was masked.

The news was basically good. The auto-immune condition I have (lichen sclerosus) is going to be with me for life, but it is looking good and the medicine regime has been tweaked a bit. See you in a year for a check up, get in touch if anything untoward happens. I was really impressed by the very kind and personable bed-side manner of all three, as well as the expertise. We are so lucky to have health care of this quality as part of out social welfare system. There are some deep seated problems with primary health care, and I was disappointed to have been mis-diagnosed by several doctors for 2 years, but this sort of specialist care is very reassuring.

I went on my way rejoicing. As the doctor said in a questioning tone as she looked at my journal - you have no other health issues? And I can say no I don't really, which is good going at 65 I think! It was raining when I emerged and whipped my face mask off, grey day number three in a row. We went to the temple of Mammon, the huge out of town shopping centre and did some shopping whilst the shops were very quiet. Monday is a good day apparently, we thought we'd skip it if the car park was full, I don't think I've ever seen it so empty. Keith enjoyed a gorgeous Indian meal at one of the best restaurants around. It looks like a transport café in the middle of a load of big shops, but they have a brilliant chef and the food is always freshly cooked and fabulous. I visited the charity shop whilst he ate, it's day something or other of the fast. Two books by Malcolm Gladwell fell into my basket, "Blink" about intuition and how our brains think in two distinct ways - and "David and Goliath" about misfits and the art of battling giants. I've read a bit in each and think they are going to be interesting. And should they fall on my face in bed, they are quite light!! There was a beautiful piece of  marquetry on sale for pennies, but I couldn't think what I might do with it, so I admired it and left it where it was. Hours and hours of work and lots of skill, now yours for next to nothing.

We headed homewards but called in at the delta by the airport for a walk. It's a nature reserve now, and quite an unusual environment for these parts with long ridges of sand, and shallow inlets. There were swans and geese and lapwings. We often take visitors there to stretch their legs after a long flight - that seems like a very long time ago! There was a lot of ice on the water, and then water on the ice, and the blip shows the state of the paths. We managed to keep our feet dry, but it isn't exactly pleasurable walking on this sort of stuff. As we arrived back at the car the sun broke through and the sky turned bright blue in minutes. Tomorrow and the next day we are forecast big sun, and the translation work that arrived this afternoon can wait till the grey returns!

Eight at night and I have a drawing to do, so I'm off. I ordered 4 portions of various vegan foods for delivery on Thursday, there is baklava too! The cook is a pal of mine who has a catering company "Hippie Foodtruck", and it is a good way to support her. It also saved me from thinking about making food. I usually enjoy cooking a lot but it felt very nice to think delicious food for entertaining friends will come to me in a carrier bag! This is a first. Could it be I am growing up?

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