Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Up high

A beautiful breezy, sunny, thawing day today. So wonderful when the grey stops and life returns. The blip was taken on top of Owl Crag "Uvberget", the mountain that is not far from home, and is exactly my sort of peak and my sort of walk. 
Short, sharp ascent, 
very easy underfoot as a rule 
(not today with a mix of wet mossy rock and snow, dry rock and sploshy forest floor) 
great views almost all the way up
and a brilliant, even more expansive view from the summit. 
Oh yes, 
and with an exciting killer drop on the far side of the hill, 
plenty of places to sit on warm rocks, 
a cabin to huddle in if it rains 
and a proper fireplace outside,
with benches.
Pretty perfect, huge rewards for little effort. 

This being a Tuesday afternoon, and the northern area of an already northerly country, we were alone up there. Magnificent. The lake had one small area of open water near the inlet, and it was well stocked with geese and swans heading north. Keith will be blipping them, here! I have close ups but the big view won. On the way down we met a guy running up - very fast with his dog, and a little later he raced past us being pulled by the dog. He slid and slithered his way down a steep bit with a camber that was unfriendly, nearly crashed into a tree & finally told the dog to STOP PULLING! We descended more carefully, in my case with spiked boots and a walking pole.

So lovely to be out in the fresh air! When we got home I made a pot of fresh decaff and we got our summer chairs out of the shed. We sat out on the path for the first time this year and it was warm in the sunshine. Then it was time for tea followed by a political meeting to round off the day. I think the big question that was spoiling people's sleep a week or so ago, is now settling out. Lessons are learned in different ways, and behaviour is improved. Which may or may not last/resolve the issues - but it is a good first step.

It's now 8 o'clock and the sky is light blue, the sun is long gone but the light is lingering. Loads of snow and ice melted today, it goes so fast once it gets going - it's hard to keep up sometimes! My snow steps up to betty's are half melted, grass is poking through and the remaining deep snow won't hold my weight. Falling through and floundering about probably looks amusing for the neighbours...

The extra is my rendition of the cockerel that I used for my Easter cards this year. The original was very brightly coloured, but I'm only drawing in black and white at the moment. This is more than 2 hours of meditative drawing, patterns and more patterns. A friend who saw it thought I should go in for doing tattoos like this. I don't mind needles or blood, so maybe she's on to something!

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