By MarilynParker

Bluebells in the wood

Today I saw the first bluebells I've seen this year and there were lots of them in St Benedicts Wood.
Had a nice walk but had to take my time due to the hip pain.
Have consulted Gp on e consultation and she advised me to self-refer to the musculo-skeletal team but go to the surgery if it goes any worse.
I did the self referral online this afternoon.
Had to go to bed for a nap in the afternoon due to pain and lack of sleep last night but the nap was not much of one as could not get comfortable re the hip!
Falling apart methinks ha ha.
Today was like summer almost. I measured 20.1C in the shade in our back garden and I've had sun lotion on for the first time this year. 
Feeling hopeful hip will improve soon.

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