By Shutterup


I was meant to walk with my friend from the narrowboat this morning but I woke up with an odd feeling in my knee and then did my zoom stretch class hoping it would improve it... did it?.. no! So instead I took a flask of coffee and we sat in the sun nattering.  It was lovely on the towpath.. quite busy but healthily so.  The only problem was that there is a railway not 30 ft away from where she is moored and about every 5 minutes for at least a minute those long cargo trains zoomed through drowning out all conversation.. we got the giggles every time!  We frequently lost our train of thought as the result and so the conversation was many and varied but nothing concluded!!  It was good to drive with the roof down and it was quite hazy so didn't occur to me that I might look like a tomato tonight.. sigh.. So, while we are all under a blanket of snow on Monday, I will have a very fashionable peeling nose!! 
Lucky we can't really see many folk! 

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