By catkins62

Oh dear. The present Mr A is not happy... :-((

TpMA: Have you seen this?

Me: I have. But we were going to repaint it. You plaster up the gaps, we're good to go.

TpMA: (Talking very slowly) I cut that bit of wood to the exact size of the bloody replacement thermostat controller.

Me: That's lovely darling.

TpMA: And I wrote 'Top' at the top.

Me: Well that was a good idea!

TpMA: Not if the bloody electrician bloody ignored it, and the top is now the side!!

Me: Ahhh. So that is a shame. But the shower room floor is heating up nicely...

TpMA: (Exiting stage left) I give in, I bloody give in. What was the point in me even trying. (Mumble, grumble, mumble)

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