What I've Done

By JohnGravett

Calfclose Bay

Down to Lancashire today to start packing up part of Deb's Mum's House. It's going to take months, but I spent the morning wrapping glasses, glass trinkets, glass bells and other "colletables". Filled two packing boxes and thats only the start!

Deb spent the morning dealing with estate agents and Andy collected Mum's ashes.

After we got home, as it was a lovely evening, we got a short walk at the edge of Derwentwater. Water levels were still really high, but a few inches down on yesterdays. That said, this was as far as I could get round Calfclose bay, as the footpath was under a couple of feet of water. 

I shot this as a series of three photos (hand held) which I layered in PhotoShop, and aligned, in order to blend the three exposures of the water together to give the effect of a multi-exposure. 

Think it worked OK

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