By Artyfartyannie

Father and Daughter at the End of Life

although we did not know that at the time........Alan was reasonably alert to speak to his children in this case his daughter and her husband. He was not talkative as he was drowsy from the Morphine.
Douglas wrote this: They (my sister and her husband) arrived to see their father. He had already been put on to a gentler type of morphine. Can't remember its name. Oh my gosh he is so trying to smile. I (now me talking). was taken there of course with them to see him. We talked to him a bit and then we spoke to the palliative care people and the experts. They told us the situation and we agreed to it. Alan was quite alright. He felt that he might recover. That is the way we all wanted it to be. He slipped away quite slowly but was in good spirits as you might imagine until he went to sleep forever. 

One more blip until I have to try to close this chapter.
Thursday 28th Jan...from Douglas
Dad put on drip-feed pain killer (strong opioid in small dose equal to the morphine) as couldn’t take morphine tablets orally
Lindsay and Gordon visited Dad with Mum
Mum said to Dad she was going to the toilet and Dad asked Lindsay why she was telling him that.
Nurse leaving at 5 so arrive circa 3.30/4
PS.... A little funny story
Alan had no energy to talk. I was pretending that everything was "normal" so I go into the room after speaking to the Doctors and ask Alan if I could use his bathroom to go to the toilet. I said it a bit loud as he was a bit deaf (maybe not selective ) Later Lindsay told me that he had said 'Why is she telling me that she wants to go to the toilet !!!!!! "..... Poor boy was a bit puzzled !!!!

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